Layout design on the essay on the architecture of modern space. The ubiquitous 8 cubed expedit bookcase from Ikea forms the structure for the article, as they are present in forming space in most modern households. The text flow is referencing the floorplan concepts of the Ikea stores, and the instantly recognisable companies colours are used.

House wine labels that use a simplistic, pared back style. The three bands represent the amount of glasses in the bottle. Plus signs and brackets indicate that it is a pleasant drink, nothing more, nothing less, and the lack of elaborate name avoids generating any pretentions of the tasting experience.

Magazine cover for Little White Lies, an independent film magazine with an unusual design. A deconstructed super 8 camera creates a symbolic representation of the core themes of the film, and analogue photography evokes the feel of nostalgia inherent in the film through colour tone.

My wedding invitation – screen printed outer sleeve and accordion fold insert. A mix of hand crafted and digital elements.

An experimental project exploring the future of the Warp record label 20 years from now. The concept takes on a retro futuristic 1970's view of the far future, where an audio visual experience is implanted directly into the brain by licking a battery. Experimental printmaking and photography create surreal imagery, becoming more complex as the battery is zoomed in on, revealing the full experience.