Regeneration is a personal design project, for a roleplaying game system I have created. The intention is to design and publish the system, in a range of digital assets and printed books. I've chosen to approach the visuals in a very graphic way, as opposed to the traditional style of illustrations used to convey the tone and feel of a game.

The design style reflects the settings natural, physical roots blended with an optimistic, scientific future. Detailed, natural textures have been meshed with man made materials in an experimental way, focussing on texture and colour to create a familiar, yet otherworldy feel.

This is overlaid with technical diagrams and scientific markings arranged into decorative patterns; that appear almost mystic in their obscurity and playful arrangement. Both of these elements combined describe a sense of scientific exploration, and reinforce the relationship between the scientific and natural, which is core to the games setting.

The main content pages use a modern clean typeface, and decorative lines representing electronic circuits, hexagonal DNA structures and wayfinding diagrams. These are laid over a textured background, which is a scan from an acid etched printing plate, representing both literary tradition and modern communication.

Regeneration is very much a multimedia creative project, and features one short story (with a few more in the making) at the moment, with plans to expand into the realms of poetry, painting, and other forms of visual experimentation.

The system itself has just had its first major revision, and is currently being prepared for public playtesting.