My final major project at university is an interactive book, exploring how abandoned spaces interact with us as mortal beings, intertwined with Edgar Allen Poe’s short story ‘The Fall Of The House Of Usher’.

The book is interacted with in a deconstructivist manner. There is no predetermined path through the book, each page contains numbers, which act as links to other pages, alongside tears, folds and cuts, which can be physically explored. The surface of the pages is ambiguous, due to images and text being treated in a deconstructed, conceptual manner.

The book is accompanied by two large posters. One of these is a map, folded around the book to form a barrier, which must be physically manipulated to gain access. The other poster is a companion piece, featurting a digital manipulation of a photograph, where sections of the coding have been removed to simulate decay – resulting in a contrasting riot of colourful broken lines.